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Monday, September 20, 2004

MATTA Fair - Help! I am just a normal Tiger.

I went to the Matta fair in PWTC on 19th September. To my shocking, I found that A formosa resort actually brought their tiger cub and an orang utan at such place so crowded with people. They were such restless and scared with stares from the publics, while the trainer seemed more than please that he was able to show his ability to control these poor animals.

What makes it legal for the businessmen to owns a tiger, an orang utan. Then why is it not legal for a home to owns it then? Does it mean that a proper trained veteranian have enough experience to take care these endangered animals better than normal people? Certainly it is totally unsuitable for them to parade the animals at such crowded place because the chances of contacting diseases for them is high. Surplus, it is unnatural for the animals to be put for such use.

Since our government are not capable of keep tracking of such wild life abuse, comprehensively, it is not a surprise then to see the amount endangered animals being sold in well-known pet shop around the country.

Wild life protection can be done from the even most basic level, such as from teaching young children to respects mother nature by educating their parents and teachers at school. It can also be done by advertising through regular television propaganda, just like how it was done for the anti-smoking advert now.

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