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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Blue Tuesday

Why must Monday always be the blue one, I am feeling blue on tuesday now. What are you gonna do about it??? I just don't know, after rushing around in UPM whole day, I felt so tired, miserable actually. I am still guessing what causes it. Was it because Dr. Majid, my favourite customer got upset with me for not fulfilling my promise of giving him a dinner treat???

Or maybe it was because my best friend Emily called me from Melbourne at 5ish? Perhaps I felt like a bummer myself after talking to her, since I haven't been achieving much at this age near 30's. You might wanna know she is a very bright first class honors student, that got offered with a full board scolarship to student at RMIT in Melbourne for a PhD program.

It might be due the amount of work that is swarming over me, till I am not sure where to start tackling them. A little daunting, since I always give 100% to whatever that is demanded from me, yet there is so little in return. Someone just email to ask me, she is interested in using a capillary electropheresis to examine amino acids. For god sake, how on earth would I know if a capillary electropheresis machine would do that???

Wanna bet she most likely not buying anything from me, even though I manage to give a satifying answer after that???

What ever it is, for now, I think I need to watch a movie to relax a little I shall not be bothered with the house chores, the hairs at the sink, nor the dusty floor that is driving me nuts.

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