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Monday, December 06, 2004

Living Abroad

I had a chat with a customer while waiting for the engineers to get the machine fixed this morning. She was saying that with her current boyfriend, she could imagine herself eventually joining him in Germany one day. After that, while driving back to office, I thought myself too if I could imagine myself being in everywhere that Mark will be. In 1 years time, he plans to be in Brisbane studying then working for at least 5 years? After that, he hope to move to Germany and eventually to Sweden since he feel most at home there.

I have not seen Germany, Sweden not even Brisbane, even though I once studied in Melbourne before. But in my mind, Mark helped me to paint this beautiful picture of how lovely these places could be. Yes, I seen some of them on the television before but it is hard to really describe the real thing unless that person been there before. So I guess I will have to work harder to save enough and visit at least to some of these places. Perhaps by then I will definately be able to imagine myself being at wherever he is with him together.

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