Singapore 2002

Recently went to Singapore together with my former Monash University Mates. Haven't been there since long time ago.  All I want to say is thank you to all friends in Singapore who has show us so much of warm hospitality. Special thanks to Alex, Yih Wen, as well as Derek.

From left: Alex Leong, Yih Wen, Derek Mok, Pooi Yeng, Shirley Chan, Chui Li, Colin


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I thought she has a sweet smile! Then again, it might be my brilliant photographic skill. Heh ...

I don't know why, it always seems that these two people here had some kind of chemistry going on yet we were not sure.

At the Singapore Science Centre entrance

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Dear Chui Li, I hope you get the real frog prince soon so you can stop kissing the fake one.

At Sentosa Island. It was a rainy day that day. But we have enjoyed ourselves

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The Singapore Underwater World


So, the red T-shirt guy name was Colin. He was Chui Li housemate back then in Melbourne at Blackburn Rd. We went shopping at Bugis district. Brilliant Place!

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And so, we walk and walk and walk, and decided to take a break here at Marina Square SC. Fr. Left: Alex, Yih Wen, Derek, Pooi Yeng, Me, Shirley & Colin.

Taking a break at Ngee Ann City, Orchard Road

That's all folks... for those that went with me to Singapore, I hope you guys enjoy the trip as much as I do. Never know Singapore could be such fun place.