Melbourne 2

This is the second sets of the pictures taken in Melbourne, during Semester two. Click on pictures to enlarge it 

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This is the Genetic Laboratory that I spend quite large portion of my uni life in. We have approximately 6 hours a week in this lab.

Wah wah wah... got sexual harassment case in genetic lab...

Chilli standing in front of our leaves culture bottle, intended to study on genetic material transfer from bacteria to plant leaves.

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Autumn has take his control in Melbourne as June approaches. (Taken at a primary school near my house)

In front of Robert Blackwood Hall in Monash University Melbourne

In the First Year Biology Laboratory with a real preserved-human bone

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Me and my Third Year microbiology lab assistant, Megan

My Housemate's doggy, Monster.

Monster the Maltease breed

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In 4/10, Irwin street. Mr. Tan, our first year Statistic tutor from Monash Sunway dropped by for a visit in Clayton, Melbourne.

At dinner, prior for Mun Sum's departure back to Malaysia. Fr. Left: Gerard Gan, Me, Chilli, Pooi Yeng, Sau Fung, Yih Wen, Spaceman, Alex & Mun Sum

We went on driving up North to Canberra, then Sydney. This is me, at the Sydney Harbor Bridge.

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Somewhere near Circular Ouay and the Sydney Opera House

Sometimes the world is small, while walking aimlessly at the Sydney Opera House we met Joe and his Friend. Fr. left: Sau Fung, Pooi Yeng, Me, Joe and His friend.

Sexy! High flying hair with beutiful background. (Taken during a harbor cruise)

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Me and Chilli

At the Sydney Aquarium. Hmm... big aquarium with lots of fish, and there's Great White sharks there too. 

This is Robert, whom I happened to met while my first flight to Melbourne. We have become good friends and still meet up on the net from time to time. He is studying somewhere near Bluemountains

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Sydney Harbor at nite

This is MY departure dinner. Some pizza from Monash Pizza and with few good friends I always hangout with. Behind from left: Kelvin Mah, Yih Wen, Gerard, Sau Fung, Ah Seng. Front from left: Alex, Me and Chilli

 Finally, going home to Malaysia for good after a year in Melbourne. 


Well that's all folks for my journey to Oz land. Felt sad to leave this good place, yet felt grateful because have had a very pleasant study experience and also  met with many good friends here. Do check out the graduation photo as well.