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Well, it was on 1997 that I decided I should try my luck in meeting people in other country, and then, there was this guy called Kok Sheik, who is my sister's good friend. He went to this International Lion's Club Youth Exchange on 1996 and had strongly encouraged us to go there.

Part of my friend that went together. Posing in front of Japan famous bullet train, named Shinkansen

I was selected to go to this perfecture called Okayama as my exchange program. It takes 2 hours sitting bullet train straight from Kansai Airport in Osaka.

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Arrived in Okayama Station

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When I was there, I was always greeted as if I am one of those VIPS. Japanese take anybody, any guest as their main interest. They make sure that their guests are having a good time at any time any place.

I was so honored to stay with my first host family who is from a place called Kojima. The family run a lace making factory over a century. And their house are like museum to me, as it aged for more than 100 years. No worry, it was always renovated with the state-of-art facilities inside. (You know, that kind of electric toilet bowl thingy)

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This is my first host family, host mother, Mitsue Okazaki

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Most of those Japanese Lion's Club member are rich and famous. However some of them might be so busy till they won't have time to bring their guests around. Fortunately I didn't encounter this problem when I was there.

During Christmas season, the first host brought me for a tour to Kobe city

Kobe has turned into a big and charming city after it was rebuilt from the earth quake few years ago. It is still so beautiful, and full with people from around the western Japan to witness the newest fashion of the year there.

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In Yoshima, with the Seto-Ohashi bridge, the third longest bridge in the world  at my back.

Cool huh, was on my visit to Namba press, a factory that produce car seat for Mitsubishi Car. It was own by one of the member in my first host mother's Lioness Club.

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Visit to the Mount Yuga (Yuga-san) where it lies the temple that serves great angko (a type of sweet red bean rice cake)

In front of the Udon house, where Udon noodle is served. It's a old area of the city, named Kurashiki.

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At Kurashiki Ohara Art museum, mostly artistic painting, sculptures, including Picasso's painting there too.