Youth Exchange 2

My visit to Japan was followed up with a country side staying, which is where my second Host Family situated. Thought it is a country side, and visibly seen, but the place, and the way they live is no much different from a big city live, where all your toilet are electrically run, many television set in one house, etc

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Me and 2nd host family, celebrating eve of New Year.

One thing nice is that if you do your exchange at winter season, you get to celebrate Japanese New Year, 1st Of January which is almost the same like Chinese New Year. You get your money packet too, they are very generous with that. It seems to you like you are celebrating New Year 2 times if you are celebrating Chinese New Year too.

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I was glad that all of the 3 families brought me to see a lot of places. But it doesn't mean that your host family will sure bring you to places of interest. However you can request for that and then I advice you most to search around on the internet, to find out about the place you are going to visit.

Me and Mariko, 2nd host's daughter at the Hiroshima Memorial Meseum

Hiroshima is a very developed place now. There is not sign that war once claims its place here. Talk about radioactive element, I don't think it is still there affecting the people life. And the bombing site now have turned into a peace memorial park and a lot of statues were set up as remembrance of those that died innocently in the war.

Kyoto is even further from Okayama as compare to Osaka. It took us 4 hours of driving to reach there. There are ample of temples to open your eyes up. Further more, after a day of tiring travel, you are welcomed by the hotel's hot spring. You might think it's crazy to jump into the hot spring naked with bunch of people you don't know, but I think it is stupid if you don't try you chance of life time there. Since it is separated into man and woman zone, don't worry. And the winter the weather is so cold, it is even better to bath in the hot water in the pool.

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Kyoto, where we went to the temples there to pray during New Year.

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Girls! Make sure you wear this when you are there,it is so prestigious if you wear one.