Youth Exchange 3

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This is my 3rd host family, they have a factory manufacturing machines that wave tatami (straw mat). It is quite a sight when I visit to their factory. "Duh..." I moaned, because I had the picture of his factory scanned, but the disk corrupted.
They are my 3rd Host, Mr & Mrs Asagoe.

Me with Mrs. Asagoe in the 400 year old Okayama Castle. She actually show me around while I was staying in Okayama city with her.

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Rite, this is my favourite dog in Japan, it is a Japanese Shiba ken, which is very precious and expensive. We call him Ben Keng, but I call it ben ben. Usual shibas are brown, but this is white, which rather rare.

They have many community houses around in the neighbourhood in Okayama city. In there houses, they conduct English improvement classes, cooking classes, sport even to improve their life style and know more people around the neighbourhood. Anyone can use these places for free.

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A Cooking Class.

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At lunch after visiting Osaka Aquarium. With me at the middle is their daughter Chika
You might be telling me this is just some ordinary skiing trip, but to us people that live in the tropical country most of our life time, this is interesting, because we never even seen snow falling even. Most of us had back ache and leg pain (actually our whole body ached on the second day). However, it is really fun and dangerous.

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My host family Lions Club decided to give this Portable Cassette player as a remembrance. My god, this cost them a fortune. And I really got surprise when I receive it. It is still beside me when I doin this homepage.

Gee, we really had much to talk about when we were on our back to Malaysia. Some of us, including me sobbed whenever we think of our host families. They were treating us like their own children, even they have never seen us before. Awww...... I really miss them now when I think of them.

(p/s: During Spring 2000, Mrs. Asagoe, and Mariko had visited me separately. We had a lot of great fun during their visit here. My parents was more than please to meet up with them. At July 2000, a Japanese girl came to our house as a Youth Exchange student. Then, another life long friendship was established...)

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