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I came over to Melbourne for my final year studies in July 2000. It is the a good choice I made, because I have enjoy my studies here. Melbourne seems like a strange land to me before I came, but now I am beginning to love this strange piece of land more and more. 

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Aha... at the lawn in the Science Faculty, behind is the first year Chemistry Lab. 

What do we do here? Sun Bathing lah of course, uni students like to study, eat, sleep, chat here on days that are good weather

We bought her a apple pie and celebrated at the Union dining hall on her 21st birthday last year.

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Taken at the Normanby House, place where my friend stayed last semester. 

You can see that my guy friends are quite cheeky.

At Carton Garden in Melbourne City on a sunny day.

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The new Melbourne Museum was just behind Carlton garden

What's that red thing? Oh, it is an apple model.

Tee hee, me and Chui Li at the Apple Farm.

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We were trying very hard to get ourself some gold, but then again, we rather smile to keep a good image than getting the gold

Sovereign Hill, a theme park dedicated to 18 century gold mine.

This is the house that I stay. It is at Kanooka Grove, Clayton.

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The Melbourne Aquarium. Expensive ticket, but the aquarium is as small as a gold fish tank.

We went to the Great Ocean Road, behind us is the Twelve Apostle. Highly recommended!

5 of us, from left: Pooi Yeng, Chui Li, Gerard Gan, Mun Sum and Me

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At friends' house warming dinner

Behind us is the Mornington Peninsular. We went there as a trip to see dolphins and seal. Too bad the dolphins just refused to show up that day

At the sea front of Lakes Entrance. Sometimes I rather admire my photographic skill, heh

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At the lake front of Lakes Entrance, with a rather unique habitatual background picturing the salted lake environment

The three guys were bullying poor Chui Li at lake entrance. The tube they sat on was to remove the sand build up from the lake side to into the sea front.

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Me in my one and only baju kurung. We were going to a boat cruising party at the Yarra River.

Wow, Chui Li was exceptionally beautiful that day. She totally transformed into a different person.

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