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Trip to Kuala Selangor - Surveying the Mangrove Swamp


Seriously, field trips are not something I adore since primary schools. Field trips into the jungles are even out of the question. Once,  I just can't help to curse the survival course I attended during Form 4. But I realise that the more you have fear, the times where you will have to face you fear shall be often too. This must be the reason how  I ventured into the Jungle more than 3 more times after that.

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So, this trip here, we had to dip our foot into the muddy swamp to count the number of mangrove trees, and count the living sea shells. Then summaries about the mangrove population. 

Briefing for our trips into the mangrove


I guess you might want to take a peep about our survey huh? But it was really a disaster with no pictures. The mud was so soft and difficult to stand, most of the pictures taken were blurrrrrrrrr.

Anyway, you can have the consolation by seeing how much we prepared to go home here.

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Gombak Forest Reserve - Overnight at Forest Research Institute Malaysia (FRIM)

Sometimes I don't really understand what's the relationship between lab orientated Biotechnology and going into the forest. Anyhow, I went on to the another field trip - The Gombak Forest Reserve

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Okay, we were suppose to sample the river insects. Somehow these guys start netting some fish fries...
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And you thought the guys at the left picture caught some rare insect samples - They actually caught small fishes and our Lecturer Cathy Yule took a look.

In this Gombak trip, we were suppose to sample the secondary forest species. 

Obviously you can't see what is that tree species if it is very tall. We were taught to recognize the leaves, and seeds of trees the night before.

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So, here we are next to the Gombak river (Hmmm... was it the Gombak river?). Anyway, this was the secondary forest we sampled.


Being to so many fields trips, I begin to ease my fear about going into the forest actually. Thought I still dislike climbing, and freak a lil when leeches attacking me, but the tranquilizing surrounding in a forest actually charmed me. I found myself starting to enjoy the nature environment, love that green smell of forest... that bird chirping.

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